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December, 2019

The financial institution regulatory agencies have added additional enhancements to the UBPR including a new Executive Summary Report. This new report is intended for financial institution Executives to easily see trends of an institution’s key ratios. Another major enhancement made at this time is a new Multiple Bank Report allowing a user to compare a bank’s detailed UBPR against up to 30 other institutions. Users will also now have the ability to create an account on the system allowing them to run UBPRs for recently viewed and favorite banks, and to save peer group lists to quickly run custom peer group reports. Users will still be able to access the UBPR in the same manner and the reports retain all of their current look and functionality. These changes should allow users to more efficiently analyze institution trends. More information about these enhancements can be found at https://www.ffiec.gov/pdf/UBPR/2019_UBPR_Enhancements.pdf and https://www.ffiec.gov/pdf/UBPR/2019_UBPR_Enhancements_FAQ.pdf


December, 2017

The financial institution regulatory agencies have added graphing capabilities to the UBPR. Users will still access the UBPR in the same manner and the report will retain all of its current look and functionality. These changes should allow users to more efficiently analyze institution trends and report on specific ratios to senior management and other interested parties. More information about the new UBPR graphing capabilities can be found at https://www.ffiec.gov/pdf/UBPR/UBPR_Visualization_Enhancements_December_2017.pdf


September, 2014

The Central Data Repository’s user interface has been redesigned to improve usability and provide an improved overall user experience. These design enhancements provide a more consistent look and feel across all pages and provide easier and quicker access to data.


September, 2012

The UBPR Liquidity and Funding pages, 10 and 10A, have been revised to give users a more focused review of liquidity and funding-based measures. The UBPR Fiduciary and Related Services pages, 14 and 14A, have been revised to include items added to the Call Report Schedule RC-T beginning with the December 31, 2009 Call Report. Additionally, supplemental peer groups have been created to facilitate analysis for mutually-owned and stock-owned savings associations. For more information on these enhancements to UBPR pages, please visit the FFIEC website at http://www.ffiec.gov/UBPR.htm.

A new online UBPR User’s Guide has been developed to better assist users to understand how UBPR ratios and monetary values are derived. The new UBPR User’s Guide is available in an online format, as well as a separate PDF format. The PDF format is available on the Public Data Distribution (PDD) website at this link: https://cdr.ffiec.gov/Public/DownloadUBPRUserGuide.aspx. The new UBPR User’s Guides are based off of the Central Data Repository (CDR) taxonomy that is used to store both Call Report and UBPR concepts. For more information on the new online UBPR User’s Guide, please visit the FFIEC website at http://www.ffiec.gov/UBPR.htm.


September, 2011

With the implementation of the Dodd Frank Act and sunset of the Office of Thrift Supervision on July 21, 2011, all thrifts are required to submit Call Reports instead of Thrift Financial Reports effective March 2012. Call Reports can be viewed using the Public Data Distribution web site.


March, 2010

Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) data is now available on the CDR PDD site.  For additional information on this project, please visit the FFIEC website at http://www.ffiec.gov/find/default.htm and select the “UBPR Modernization” link in the left tool bar. A list of UBPR Frequently Asked Questions is also available at http://www.ffiec.gov/find/ubpr_faq.htm.  


June, 2009

For any search, the new "Download Results" tab can be used to view and download the resulting list of institutions. Included in the file is a link to the report form.

December, 2008

Bulk Data is now available from the PDD Website. In addition, data can be automatically downloaded using the Public Web Service (PWS).

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