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Cover Page
Summary Ratios
Income Statement $
Non Int Inc, Exp, Yields
Balance Sheet $
Off Balance Sheet Items
Derivative Instruments
Derivative Analysis
Balance Sheet %
Allowance & Loan Mix-a
Allowance & Loan Mix-b
Concentrations of Credit
PD, Nonacc & Rest Loans-a
PD, Nonacc & Rest Loans-b
Interest Rate Risk
Liquidity & Funding
Liquidity & Inv Portfolio
Capital Analysis-a
Capital Analysis-b
Capital Analysis-c
Capital Analysis-d
Income Statement 1-Qtr-Ann
Securitization & Asset Sale-a
Securitization & Asset Sale-b
Securitization & Asset Sale-c
Fiduciary Services-a
Fiduciary Services-b
FDIC Certificate # 3787FRB District/ID_RSSD 8 / 771140FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DIETERICH, THE ; DIETERICH , ILTable of Contents
OCC Charter # 9582County: EFFINGHAM December 31, 2011 Uniform Bank Performance Report11/18/2017 11:38:09 PM
Public Report
This uniform bank performance report covers the operations of a bank and that of a comparable group of peer banks. It is provided as a bank management tool by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. Detailed information concerning the content of this report is provided in the Users Guide for the Uniform Bank Performance Report found online at This report has been produced for the use of the federal regulators of financial institutions in carrying out their supervisory responsibilities. All information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable however no guarantee is given as to the accuracy of the data. The information contained in this report are not to be construed as a rating or other evaluation of a financial institution by a federal banking regulator. The quarterly report of condition and income is the principal source of information for this report. Please refer to that document for additional financial information and an explanation of the accounting standards that underlie data shown herein. For questions regarding content of reports contact:
1-888-237-3111 or email:

Financial Institution Address:


The Current Federal Regulator is:
Office of Comptroller of the Currency

The bank was established on: 1/1/1909

The current peer group for this bank is: 3
Insured commercial banks having assets between $300 million and $1 billion

Financial data in the Uniform Bank Performance Report may have been adjusted as a result of information shown in footnotes below. Please refer to the Uniform Bank Performance Report Users Guide online for details.

Table of Contents
Summary Ratios--Page 1
Income Statement $--Page 2
Noninterest Income, Expenses and Yields--Page 3
Balance Sheet $--Page 4
Off Balance Sheet Items--Page 5
Derivative Instruments--Page 5A
Derivative Analysis--Page 5B
Balance Sheet Percentage Composition--Page 6
Analysis of Credit Allowance and Loan Mix--Page 7
Analysis of Credit Allowance and Loan Mix--Page 7A
Analysis of Concentrations of Credit--Page 7B
Analysis of Past Due, Nonaccrual & Restructured--Page 8
Analysis of Past Due, Nonaccrual & Restructured--Page 8A
Interest Rate Risk Analysis as a Percent of Assets--Page 9
Liquidity & Funding--Page 10
Liquidity & Investment Portfolio--Page 10A
Capital Analysis--Page 11
Capital Analysis--Page 11A
Capital Analysis--Page 11B
Capital Analysis--Page 11C
One Quarter Annualized Income Analysis--Page 12
Securitization & Asset Sale Activities--Page 13
Securitization & Asset Sale Activities--Page 13A
Securitization & Asset Sale Activities--Page 13B
Fiduciary & Related Services--Page 1
Fiduciary & Related Services--Page 1A
State Average

Bank Holding Company Information:
FRB District / ID_RSSD  8 / 1842355